Beginning to say “Goodbye”

Today I started to visit some of our home bound members for the final time. During the last 5 years I have visited a number of church members who have been unable to attend worship on a regular basis. The list has changed over time, but the spirit is the same. It’s been a blessing to visit with the many saints who have served our church in so many different ways over several decades.

I visited two nice couples today who have always enjoyed my visits with them. My visits always include catching up, sharing news about the church and life, praying together, and sharing in Holy Communion. Today, as I closed our time together with prayer, I said, “Amen,” and the wife began immediately into prayer for me and my wife. Without skipping a beat, she entered into conversation with God to send me forth to serve my new congregation. It was a blessing for me to receive such a prayer and send off. I went to be a blessing and in return was blessed.

It’s not easy to begin the process of saying “goodbye” to so many good people, but I realize today that prayer and a mutual blessing certainly helps the process.


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