The Journey Continues

It was announced at the end of April that God has called me to serve a new congregation on July 1st. Bishop Michael Coyner has appointed me to serve as the Associate Pastor of Meridian Street United Methodist Church in Indianapolis. Candace and I are full of emotions right now as we are certainly sad to leave such a wonderful congregation, but excited for all that God has in store for the future. My prayer during this season of change and transition has been, “Lord, I trust you.”

I have decided to begin a new blog to be able to share my reflections on the transition, while also introducing myself to my new congregation.

Ministry is a journey, as is life itself. Now, my journey continues to a new ministry context. I ask for your prayers for my current congregation, Winamac First UMC, and for my new place of ministry, Meridian Street UMC. Please join me as I prayerfully reflect on this journey of ministry.


3 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. Matt. We worshiped with my son Mike Kaster at Meridian Street last Sunday. The congregation seems genuinely excited about your appointment. They are also excited about their futuring process. We will invite you guys to lunch some day we are there. Bill


  2. Those of us on the receiving end of the blessing of your new appointment will follow your blog with interest. We also look forward to welcoming you and your family, and engaging with you and experiencing how our journeys challenge, support, and impact each other.


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