Holy Rest

As we continue to pack our worldly possessions, prepare my final worship services and messages for my congregation in Winamac, and attempt to find some sanity in a time of transition, I sense the need for rest. The other day I decided to take a brief rest on the coach with my shoes on. It was going to be brief I told myself. I sat down, leaned over, and I was out. Nearly an hour later, I woke up wondering what happened. My body was telling me to rest.
God took time to rest. We read of this in Genesis after God created, God rested on the seventh day. It’s a lesson to humanity that if God needed a rest break, as my wife and I call it, then we need to take a rest too. Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt 11: 28 NIV). Jesus was speaking the truth and sometimes coming to Jesus can be napping in his peace.
My mind continues to race with thoughts about how to leave my current church in a good position to welcome the new pastor, as well as thoughts related to my new church. Those thoughts can sometimes keep me awake at night. I heard a story of Pope John XXIII who prayed before going to bed, “God, I’ve done everything I can today for your church. But it’s your church, and I’m going to bed.” Finding rest truly is a holy activity of also finding trust in God. Things will fall into place, God will guide us into the future, and I can trust in the Spirit’s leading.
It’s good to find time to rest, not only good, but it’s holy. I’m not God, nor do I want to be, and I need my rest. I can only do so much with my body and my mind until they tell me to rest. Weariness can become a burden for our lives and I have realized to take it easy at times and find some rest. As we enter into Memorial Day weekend, I pray you will find some time to enjoy a holy rest.

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