A Little More Grace

A few weeks ago, I preached on offering others and ourselves a little more grace in life. My wife, Candace and I, have been going through a lot of change. We found out about my reappointment to a new church, Candace’s mom was in the hospital, and on top of it all, we learned that we were pregnant. It was a lot to take in, but I realized during this time that God kept speaking the word “grace” to me.
“My grace is sufficient for you,” Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians. I always said that I believed this, but during the last few months, it’s been especially true. God’s grace is truly enough for me, but now I had to accept it for myself. It’s sometimes easier to offer grace to others, but to receive it for yourself is another thing.
Through praying the Daily Office*, I sensed God pouring out grace upon grace into my soul. I tried to spend more time in prayer and in silence, listening for God’s word for my life. Again and again, God kept telling me to rely on God’s grace alone.
When challenges or setbacks come, may God’s grace prevail. When there is great joy and a house finally settled, may we sense God’s grace has gotten us through. As I continue to say “good-bye” to my current congregation, I pray that God’s grace will be in our midst. As I am welcomed into a new community of faith, I pray for grace to surround us.
The journey is certainly not over, but continues. Every step of the way, I pray that I will continue to sense God’s grace.
May we always offer grace to others, but may we also receive God’s grace for ourselves. Sit in silence, seek God in prayer, and feel the grace being poured out again and again.
*The Daily Office is a monastic way of prayer where the day is ordered by times of prayer. I use the Order of Saint Luke’s Prayer Book. http://saint-luke.net/

One thought on “A Little More Grace

  1. So greatly put Pastor Matt! We will miss you dearly and will pray for God to watch over you and Candace and guide you in your new path .


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