My Last Week

This morning was my final day in the office at Winamac First United Methodist Church. I was sitting in my office before my last funeral looking around at the bare walls and empty shelves and it started to sink in. The finality of the move came into focus as I realized this will no longer be my desk, my space to write, and my office. It wasn’t the best revelation to have before my final funeral as it would only add to my own emotions and thoughts. As I lead the people in worship, I again thought about my final Sunday and how my time in Winamac will quickly become a distant memory.

It’s been a week full of final conversations, concluding prayers and blessings, and many visits with parishioners. There have been moments of forgiveness, grace, and grief. I suppose these are expected events leading up to my final farewell on Sunday. I have enjoyed my time in Winamac during the last five years. Certainly there have been challenging situations and people at times, but all in all, God’s presence and blessing have been with us.

The packing continues at home, my home visitations are finished, and my final Sunday is all set. Now, we move into my concluding worship service. I pray it will be full of blessings and great hope for the future of Winamac First and the ministry God has called me into. I conclude my final week fully aware of God’s hope, mercy, and forgiveness.


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