IMG_1695We arrived in Indianapolis after a long final day and morning packing, cleaning, and preparing for the move. The movers arrived around 8am to begin the process. Candace and I were on the road to Indy by 11am. When we arrived to our new home, we were immediately greeted with a sign that said, “Welcome Home Matt & Candace.” There were beautiful flowers in the window, too. It means a lot when you arrive to your new home and have the smallest sign of welcome. IMG_1696

As we started to unpack we were greeted by a church member who brought over food and snacks. That wasn’t the last of that sort of hospitality. We have been greeted by friendly faces holding boxes and bags of food. There were even cupcakes from a bakery nearby that were amazing! We are thankful and filled! The next morning we were greeted by gardeners from the church to plant some flowers in the front yard. IMG_1698

Everyone has been so hospitable and kind. I can’t really imagine a better welcome from a congregation. Now we are settling down, unpacking, and preparing our home. I’m excited about sharing my first message with my new congregation next Sunday, July 12th. I am filled with joy and excitement as I prepare for my first week and Sunday at Meridian Street United Methodist Church.

Grace & Peace


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