It’s Friday But Sunday’s Coming

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming. It has been a busy, but good first week in my new office at Meridian Street United Methodist Church. The week began with staff meeting, emails, figuring out how to use the drives on the computer, and simply finding my way around the church. Even with all of these new things happening around me, I always knew that Sunday is coming. 20322_10152874708811384_6676433156812846361_n

It may be Friday, but Sunday is coming. This term has been used by several preachers referring to the transition from Good Friday, darkness, and death to Resurrection Sunday, where the light shines and new life defeats death. Even pastor and author Dr. Tony Campolo preached a sermon using the same quote. Throughout the week, I kept thinking, “Sunday’s coming.” I can’t wait for Sunday.

It is Sunday that we proclaim as a community of faith the grace, love, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every Sunday is like a little Easter. Sunday is coming! In the midst of all the change this week, the newness of everything around me, one constant remains, that Sunday is coming. It may be a new setting, a new congregation, and a new opportunity to share the Good News, but I’m excited to gather as God’s people of Meridian Street United Methodist Church and proclaim the Good News that Sunday is always coming.


2 thoughts on “It’s Friday But Sunday’s Coming

  1. I wish I could be with you ! You will do a fantastic job. BE you, BE calm, Be gentle. Peace and all good! Geraldine


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