Beautiful Africa Part 2- Old Mutare Mission and Fairfield Children’s Home

One of the most joyful experience during our time in Africa was a visit to the Fairfield Children’s Home which is a part of the Old Mutare Mission near the campus of Africa University. We met a number of children that day. They were very friendly kids, as most children tend to be. It was fun to take pictures with them and of them. They always wanted to grab your cell phone and take random pictures, IMG_2360some I’m still deleting off of my phone (at the time of the journal entry several weeks after my trip). We played some games and toured the campus. It was a brief visit, but certainly worth the stop. It was inspiring to hear from the mothers who take care of 6-8 children in their apartment home.

As I was walking near a few of the apartments, a little guy grabbed my hand, so we walked together. It reminded me of a child I met in Guatemala, his name is Javier, who grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go one day. Kids are the same all over the world. They want to receive some attention, love, and have some fun.

As we were walking around the playground, there was quite the commotion near a wooded area. Children started running toward the couple of kids who were peering intently into the bushes. I heard a scream. More kids ran toward the scene. They found a rather large snake crawling its way through the bushes. I only saw a part of the snake through the fence that protected me from its movement. It was large, at least the part I could see. I saw more than enough of that crawling reptile.

IMG_2375The children were so taken by the snake. Some took sticks and wanted to poke at it. The people who worked at the Children’s Home ran over to stop them. Those who work at the children’s home are wonderful people. I was inspired by them. Their willingness to serve, love and educate the children. They have a strong desire to take care of God’s children who are alone all over Zimbabwe. The workers and kids inspired me so much, when I came home I decided to sponsor a child. It is a way for me to stay connected with the children and people I fell in love with during my trip.

While it was a brief visit to the Fairfield Children’s Home, everyone agreed that it was a highlight. The joy we experienced. The love that was shared. It was a wonderful experience!


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