Beautiful Africa Part 3- God’s Creation

It’s hard to comprehend the beauty of God’s creation around the world. As I continue to reflect on my trip to Africa by DSC00984looking at pictures, I’m still amazed at the beauty of this continent. Following our time in eastern Zimbabwe on the border of Mozambique, we traveled west to Great Zimbabwe National Park. This is the place where Zimbabwe received it’s name which means “Great Houses of Stone.” In the national park, there is a city built of stone that was the first place of residence for the kingdom of Zimbabwe. We climbed the mountain, which was fun. It was another place where we saw the beauty of this country. We learned about the rich history of this nation. It was a great stop on our journey.

DSC01025This photo was taken at the top of the mountain we climbed at Great Zimbabwe National Park. It felt like I was stepping into the Disney movie “The Lion King.”

Our next stop was Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia. We viewed the falls from the Zimbabwe side. We didn’t realize at the time that we would end up seeing the falls from the Zambia side as well at the end of the trip.

Pictures really will never, ever do justice for the beauty and power of Victoria Falls. It’s one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. The power of the falls is inspiring. The beauty of the falls is breathtaking. It’s a place where God’s power and creation meet humanity head on. I couldn’t help but think about a God who could create such a place.

DSC01098 DSC01094

We ended our trip in Botswana and Zambia to the west and north of Zimbabwe. Both are beautiful nations. In Botswana we went on two safaris in Chobe National Park which is home to thousands of elephants. We saw many, many elephants, zebras, giraffes, African buffalo and only one lion, but it was still a lion! It was still amazing to see a lion in his element. Instead of continuing my attempt to use words to describe God’s creation in Africa, let me share some pictures instead.

Before I get to the pictures, let me simply share that when I left for Africa I had no idea what to really expect. Yes, we saw poverty, a challenged infrastructure and an oppressive government, but we also witnessed a lot of beauty. God’s people around the world are amazing, resilient people. The same can be said about Africans. Despite all the challenges faced by this continent, the people are filled with hope. We traveled many miles across southern Africa and met many people from around the continent. We were met with kindness and witnessed hope. As we drove across the country we were simply witnesses of God’s creation. It was inspiring and beautiful to experience our God who formed the mighty mountains and set forth crashing waters over the falls. I’m thankful for my time spent in Africa. It is a beautiful place, filled with inspiring and beautiful people, surrounded by breathtaking beauty.

DSC01083 DSC01081 DSC01074 DSC01070 DSC01144DSC01160IMG_2569DSC01183


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