Welcome to the Beautiful World

Today is the due date for our first baby. However, we welcomed baby nearly a week early. Around 1am last Friday, Baby Zechariah was born. I was sitting the in operating room after baby was born trying to be there for Candace. The nurse came around the corner to hand me this beautiful baby boy. It’s hard to describe such a moment. It was amazing!First Pic of Zechariah.jpg

I began to talk to my son for the first time. The first things I told him were that I loved him, God loved him, and that I would take care of him all his days. Then, I told him there is a big, beautiful world that I am excited for him to see. All of these words seemed to come naturally even though we had been through an exhausting day and was now well after midnight.

I told him that there is a big, beautiful world outside. As I said this, I hoped others believed that too. My son was born in a time full of violence, hatred, and anger toward many different people groups. All of these things bring worry and concern to people around the world, but my faith won’t let me fall into these negative things. My faith reminds me that the world was created by God and continues to be created by God. My faith reminds me that everyone is made in God’s image and is a beloved child of God. Whoever others demean or hate, God still loves, whatever the group may be; immigrants, Muslims, presidential candidates, or any others.

Even though there are many bad things happening in the world, I still believe in a beautiful, God-filled world. I have been able to travel to many nations around the world. I have experienced not only the natural IMG_2360beauty around us, but the beauty in God’s people in various places and cultures.

As I held my baby for the first time, I thought about the children I have met and played with in places like the Philippines, Guatemala and
Zimbabwe. Each child has different circumstances, but they all have the same hopes and dreams. Each child is beautiful and made in the image of the perfect God.

The world is still a big, beautiful place. I recognize that there are many challenging things happening in the world, but this season of Advent and Christmas reminds us that God is still with us. IMG_1047.JPG

The world is a beautiful place.  Every time I look into the face of my baby boy, I am reminded of this. May we all be reminded of God’s goodness, love and creation when we look into the eyes of child. God’s world, which is a part of God’s creation, is beautiful.


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