Lent & Holy Week: Be Still

Psalm 46: 1, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Every season seems to be rushed. Whether we’re talking about Christmas, preparing for Easter celebrations, or any other season that comes about, it’s easy to feel bombarded with things to do and accomplish. It’s true that we are busy people with busy lives. I’m not sure how your week has been. I hope it has been a good week, even if it was busy or even a little more relaxed.

This week, I finished up my Lenten book study with my congregation. Several people gathered during the last five Wednesdays in Lent to discuss the meaning and significance of Jesus’ final day. As we finished the study this week, I shared that my hope for all of us is that we take the time, as we approach Holy Week, to slow down, be still, and really reflect on the meaning of Palm Sunday and the week ahead.

As a pastor, it can be easy to move quickly through the Lenten season as we prepare to observe Holy Week and Easter. There are many worship services to plan, sermons to write, and newsletter articles to share. It can be easy to forget to reflect on this season and on our lives, which is the call of Lent.

The words of Psalm 46 have often been on my heart and mind, “Be still and know that I am God.” If we are too rushed, always looking to the next event, or even just busy; it can easy to forget about the presence of God throughout the day. There’s a prayer that I often start my day with that asks “Help us to be aware of your presence, O God.” That’s what being still provides. It’s an opportunity to wake ourselves to the reality of God’s presence all around us, even in moments of challenge, weakness, or just pure business.

As we prepare to enter Holy Week, I invite you to take sometime to be still and know God’s presence is all around you. Take the time to reflect on the meaning of Palm Sunday and waving our palm branches, Maundy Thursday and Holy Communion, Good Friday and the cross, Holy Saturday and Jesus’ movement from death to life, and Easter Sunday and the resurrection.

Take some time to be still and know God.


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