Holy Saturday: Running from the Darkness

Last night was the most powerful Good Friday I have been a part of. The readers embodied the witnesses of the cross they were to share. The prayers were deeply moving. The choir sang with emotion and power. At the end of the service the choir sang the song And Then He Died. It was deeply moving. As they softly sang the closing lyrics, “And then he died,” the lights were dimmed to complete darkness, and I extinguished the candle.

Jesus breathed his last. He died on the cross. They placed him in the tomb.

It’s Holy Saturday, the day Jesus crossed over from death to resurrection life. It’s an in between day. We begin to sense even more what’s to come, while we know what had just happened. Jesus was beaten, hung on the cross, and died. That was Friday. Sunday is different. At Easter, we proclaim that Jesus has beaten death. Jesus has conquered evil. Jesus has won. We can taste victory. It’s one sunrise away!

Last night I was so deeply  moved by the time of worship, I literally ran from the darkness. The sanctuary was dark, the choir stayed put, and I ran off to the side doors of the sanctuary. It was an emotional service. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t stay put and sit in the darkness of the moment. I had to jump up and do something. I felt like the disciples who ran after Jesus’ crucifixion and death. They didn’t stay put, they went behind closed doors in fear of what was next for them.

daa177ee-caec-487b-8b22-b7c8c976c942Today, on Holy Saturday, the disciples remain behind closed doors. They remain in the darkness of Good Friday. They had no idea that Mary would come running not from the darkness, but into the light of resurrection.

This is an in between day. We know what is coming tomorrow. It is the day of redemption for those who ran from the darkness of Good Friday. I empathize with the disciples who ran in fear from the darkness, but unlike the disciples, I know that resurrection is coming. I can’t wait to run to the resurrection and find redemption, hope, and new life in Jesus Christ who is crossing over from death to life. Thanks be to God.


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