Easter: Resurrection People in a Good Friday World

It is a great joy to be writing on Easter Sunday! What a joyous celebration it always is. This Lent has been a powerful one. From walking with Jesus to Calvary using Rev. Adam Hamilton’s study 24 Hours That Changed to the World to powerful worship throughout the season, and an emotional Good Friday experience, I was ready to proclaim and sing “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”.

While we celebrate the resurrection today, it’s important to consider how we live out this celebration. How will we live new life with this Easter reminder? How will we love more, serve more, and care more?

It was sobering to worship during Holy Week hearing of more terrorism and violence around the world. Not only was Belgium attacked and the Ivory Coast, there was a bombing at a soccer match in Iraq that killed dozens. Good Friday still lingers on this Easter Sunday. I know there are many who are in the hospital today, m
any who are praying for healing and peace. I know there are others who are concerned about their future and can’t seem to get past personal struggles and doubt.

1b8a88b5-6b08-41cb-9ff5-adcfbc7b7e7dYet, in the midst of the uncertainty and challenges our world continues to face and we continue to wrestle with, we’re called to be Easter people in a Good Friday world.

Jesus has come. Jesus has died. Jesus IS risen!

We are reminded every year on this day that we go forth in the power and grace of our risen Lord. We are not alone to face this Good Friday world. Instead, we are called to be Easter people every day.

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Go forth to live it!


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