The Savior of the World Will Dawn

Our family celebrated Christmas morning today on Christmas Eve. We will have worship on Christmas morning, so that has caused us to readjust our celebration schedule a tad. On this Christmas (Eve) morning, the sun has yet to shine. It remains cloudy and fairly warm for this time of year, with a slight chance of rain. I don’t think it will be a white Christmas this year. Even so, the Savior of the world will dawn.

It’s been a dark and cloudy year for some. I have met many people during the last year who have lost loved ones, jobs, or hope. The promise of Christmas seems lost for some. And yet, the Savior of the world will dawn.

Aleppo has fallen as Syria remains in rubble. Refugees continue to struggle in the Middle East and Europe. Our country seems to be divided more than ever politically and socially. Violence, anger, and division seem to rule the day. Still, we proclaim this weekend that the Savior of the world will dawn.

Every morning during Advent, as I have prayed Morning Prayer, there are words that open and close the traditional reading of The Canticle of Zechariah from the Gospel of Luke. These words are:

Like the sun in the morning sky, 

the Savior of the world will dawn; 

like rain upon the meadows, 

the Christ will come down upon us. 

I love the poetic imagery of these words. I can picture the rising of the sun over the horizon as the clouds part and a new day begins. The morning rain and dew dampen my face and the meadows. New life. New day. New hope begins at Christmas. christmas-morning-sunrise-ronnie-siemssen.jpg

I’m not sure what your year has been like. Certainly there have been ups and downs, joys and challenges. All of these things make up a year for everyone. If you have had more challenges than joys, know that the Savior of the world will dawn.

As we hold our candles tonight during Christmas Eve and as we witness the light shining in the darkness all around us, remember our God who has been faithful and will be faithful in the present and future. The light will shine in your darkness. The hope will return. The Savior of the world will dawn.

Merry Christmas and may God’s peace be with us and within us.


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