Sermon “Fried Green Tomatoes”

Scripture: Luke 10: 25-37, The Good Samaritan Sermon: “Fried Green Tomatoes”   Anzette Thomas. I still remember her name. She was our very first neighbor when Candace and I got married and moved into family housing at Methodist Theological School in Ohio, my seminary. She was from Jackson, Mississippi and had the sweet southern spirit of a Methodist from the Deep South. One day, as Anzette was walking by our makeshift garden in front of our little seminary apartment, she noticed some tomatoes starting to pop up. She quickly asked if she could nab them before they turned bright red in … Continue reading Sermon “Fried Green Tomatoes”

“Welcoming the Migrant” Annual Conference Petition 2017

I submitted a petition to the Indiana United Methodist Annual Conference for the first time this year. This petition is titled “Welcoming the Migrant In Our Midst,” the petition can be read via the link below. This submission comes from my powerful and heartbreaking experiences with immigrant and refugee families in Indiana. Unfortunately the Annual Conference session ran out of time before this and many resolutions made it to the floor for conversation and a vote. If it would have made it the floor, here is what I would have said: Matt Landry Meridian Street, Indianapolis As the submitter of … Continue reading “Welcoming the Migrant” Annual Conference Petition 2017

Ascension Day Sermon “Take Your Place”

SCRIPTURE Readings          Acts 1:6-11; Luke 24:50-53 Sermon, May 21st, 2017, “Take Your Place” This seems like an appropriate place to be to preach a message on Ascension Sunday (in the pulpit)! I hope our eyes are lifted up today, and I pray that our hearts and lives will be uplifted as well!  “One year, with the whole Duke University seminary in robes and gathered in the chapel, the Ascension Day celebration ended with clouds of incense ascending and a great song of ascension leading them out of the mist into the courtyard. What the worshipers did … Continue reading Ascension Day Sermon “Take Your Place”

Sermon: “Made Real”

Scripture: Luke 24: 13-35, Road to Emmaus Sermon, May 7th, 2017; “Made Real” “Gather gladness from the skies; Take a lesson from the ground; Flowers do ope their heavenward eyes And a Spring-time joy have found; Earth throws Winter’s robes away, Decks herself for Easter Day. Seek God’s house in happy throng; Crowded let His table be; Mingle praises, prayer, and song, Singing to the Trinity. Henceforth let your souls always Make each morn an Easter Day.” These are the words of famous English poet and Jesuit priest, Gerard Manley Hopkins, who wrote many poems on the theme of Easter. … Continue reading Sermon: “Made Real”

Sermon for Serve Indy: “Live the Resurrection”

Sermon, “Live the Resurrection”, April 23rd, 2017 I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration last weekend! Did you know that today is still Easter? We celebrate what’s known as Eastertide, the season of 50 days between Easter Sunday and the 50th day, known as Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles. So, today, one week later, we still proclaim: Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Now I wonder, how do we live that proclamation? Or do we? I ask this question, because what we believe should make a direct … Continue reading Sermon for Serve Indy: “Live the Resurrection”

Easter Vigil Meditation: Anticipation

Easter Vigil Meditation: “Anticipation”    The great preacher, the late Rev. Fred Craddock, once said that anticipation is one of faith’s greatest gifts. Tonight is a night of anticipation, as we know what was discovered on Easter morning. Holy Saturday marks the movement of Jesus from death to resurrection life. According to Scripture, when the women arrive at the tomb Jesus had already been raised and the entrance of the tomb had been opened. So tonight we sit in this anticipation, no longer in Good Friday, but not quite Easter morning. Jesus is mysteriously being raised and we proclaim it … Continue reading Easter Vigil Meditation: Anticipation

Holy Week: What do we do with suffering?

It’s the age old question: why is there suffering? It’s hard to ignore what is going on in the world around us. As we continue deeper into Holy Week, we see more images of people suffering in Syria and in all of the refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, and throughout the Middle East. We read about the famine in Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen. Even here at home there are countless stories of lives lost too early, pain, and grief. What do we do with all of this suffering? If this week teaches us anything, it’s that Jesus walked … Continue reading Holy Week: What do we do with suffering?