Spiritual Direction Practice: The Basics

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: THE BASICS                           Here is some basic information related to spiritual direction: What is spiritual direction?   While there are many ways to define spiritual direction, I have always looked at it as the process of helping another person recognize the activity of God in his or life and help them discern how to respond appropriately. A director helps the directee become more aware and in tuned to God’s presence in their lives. A director doesn’t provide answers, try to fix you or a challenge, but is simply present to the sacred wisdom within you and the Spirit moving within … Continue reading Spiritual Direction Practice: The Basics

Easter Week 3 Sermon: “You Are Witnesses”

Sermon, April 15th, 2018   “You Are Witnesses”  Our Mission Guatemala team has had a wonderful time serving this week. They are in the air this morning headed back to Indiana. They helped to construct a building for the teachers of the San Andreas school district. They were wiring rebar, mixing concrete, and laying cinder blocks. I might add they were doing this in 70 degrees weather with sunshine. At least Indiana finally had spring show up this week. I’m so glad that our team had a wonderful experience, as I knew they would. I have served in Guatemala twice. … Continue reading Easter Week 3 Sermon: “You Are Witnesses”

2nd Sunday of Easter: “Can You Believe It?”

Sermon, April 8th, 2018     “Can You Believe It?” Last week was such a wonderful Sunday! Everyone who participated in worship did such a great job, the music was spectacular, the sanctuary looked and smelled great with the Easter flowers, and we proclaimed together the joyous phrase “Christ is risen!” What a great Sunday it was! Today is still Easter too. Just like Christmas usually tends to be the shopping season, Christmas Day, then done; Easter feels like that too in a way. We have our 40 day season of Lent to prepare, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, it’s here and … Continue reading 2nd Sunday of Easter: “Can You Believe It?”

Good Friday Meditation: “Crucified Realities”

Meditation for Good Friday                        “Crucified Realities” Where is the cross in our world today? Is it a shiny and polished symbol we admire while sitting quietly in our pews? Is it apart of our daily attire worn around our necks to give us a sense of peace? Is it just a historical symbol to remind us of torture and a death from two thousand years ago? It took nearly four centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ for the cross to become the symbol of Christianity. It is believed that because the cross was a symbol of the shameful … Continue reading Good Friday Meditation: “Crucified Realities”

Carried by Candace Landry

Carried by Candace Landry In a dimly lit room, with a clean white sheet over the table there are four little words no one wants to hear. “There’s no heart beat.” It was the day after Christmas. We had just celebrated life and light coming into the world. We had sung “Joy to the World”, eaten the cookies, and opened the presents. On that Tuesday, Matt and I arrived to see the first images of the 9 week old I was carrying. Yet this room and that screen were both dark.  Where the spark of life had once begun to … Continue reading Carried by Candace Landry

“A Sermon On Hope, I Hope!” 5th Sunday in Lent, March 18th, 2018

Sermon: A Sermon On Hope, I Hope!                                                        March 18, 2018 Psalm 62 I was a senior in seminary and the Associate Pastor of Amlin United Methodist on the northwest side of Columbus, Ohio. I was given the topic of hope to preach on that Sunday. I can remember feeling the challenge and weight of preaching on that topic. Now, it should have been easy, I realize, be hopeful, pick a hopeful verse of Scripture, no problem. But for whatever reason, I began with a litany of all the challenges we face in our world. I began with talking about … Continue reading “A Sermon On Hope, I Hope!” 5th Sunday in Lent, March 18th, 2018

Sermon, “Experiencing Life in the Psalms: A Flood in the Desert”

Sermon, Feb 25th, 2018, “Experiencing Life in the Psalms: A Flood in the Desert” Scripture: Psalm 63 “In such a place I could only long for the future, for wilderness was all there was, an ordinariness that ate my soul and spoke only dry, thirsty words to me, that even as I tried to hold them back, deliberately broke through to open dreams of still waters and feasts of plenty, of cups running over and a tables set with banquets. Give my soul the longing, Lord, that I might expect a gift from you that changes that wilderness moment into … Continue reading Sermon, “Experiencing Life in the Psalms: A Flood in the Desert”